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Madras Garden Depot is a full-service nursery for Central Oregon.

From procuring plants that will thrive in this climate, to offering consultation for your own lawn and garden, we’re driven to give you tools to make your home landscape a success.

Plant Procurement

fruit trees

Working with local and regional suppliers, Madras Garden Depot offers top-quality annuals, perennials, shrubs and even cactus so that you can find plants that are a perfect fit for your garden.

If you’re looking for a plant with spring, fall or year-round exposure, or interested in ideas to liven up your yard, then stop by and see our great selection.

You can be assured that unless noted, our plants are ALL hardy to a minimum of USDA zone 5; however most are hardy to zones 3-4!

Landscape Consulting

garden landscape

Your very own landscape and garden should reflect your unique style! By choosing plants that thrive in this local garden zone, and planting companions that nourish the scape as well as the eye, your yard and flower beds will bring you much satisfaction.

Email Karen to set up an appointment.

Soil Amendment

handful of dirt

Madras Garden Depot offers a full line of organic & inorganic fertilizers, as well as bulk organic all-purpose fertilizer and many amendments, sold by the pound. Because healthy plants require less maintenance and are more disease resistant, fertilizing the right amount at the right time is essential.

If you would like a soil test, our staff recommends theSoil and Plant Tissue Testing Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  This is probably the last publicly funded (land grant) university testing program available in the US. Our staff can explain soil testing and proper sample collection and assist you with the test results.

Ongoing Classes

greenhouse potting bench

Whether building an attractive garden-worthy pot, planter or decor, or making a gift for Mother’s Day or the holidays, Karen offers classes that make you a pro!

She also teaches planting for a bee-friendly backyard, soil amendment, fruit tree care, and other maintenance subjects.

Check in to the website often to see monthly class offerings.