Madras Garden Depot carries a wide array of garden products to help you garden successfully!


nursery plants

Working with local and regional suppliers, Madras Garden Depot offers top-quality annuals, perennials, shrubs and even cactus so that you can find plants that are a perfect fit for your garden.

If you’re looking for a plant with spring, fall or year-round exposure, or interested in ideas to liven up your yard, then stop by and see our great selection.

You can be assured that unless noted, our plants are ALL hardy to a minimum of USDA zone 5; however most are hardy to zones 3-4!

Seeds & Bulbs
flower bulb display

Bulbs & garlic to plant soon!

Quality seeds become quality plants. At Madras Garden Depot, our selection includes heirloom and organic versions of your favorite seeds. We are a proud distributor of Botanical Interests seed packets. Botanical Interests offers top quality seeds with great germination rates. Each packet provides plant information, growing & harvesting tips, history and much more!

Our staff is happy to help you choose the best seeds for your garden, as well as offer some pointers that will help them grow to their full potential. Don’t forget to take a look at our fertilizers, pots and soils.


fruit trees

Madras Garden Depot provides quality bareroot and containerized trees, from the perfect shade tree to dwarf varieties. If you’re looking for unique ornamentals and fruit trees, visit with the experts at Madras Garden Depot. We can recommend the right tree for your location and soil type. We also do special orders on trees, so please ask our staff about special ordering the particular variety or specimen you’re after!

Pest Control

bee garden sign

Madras Garden Depot promotes Integrated Pest Management as the environmentally friendly way to combat pests and weeds. You will find a full line of organic pest and weed control products in addition to beneficial insects.

For the difficult-to-control problems, Madras Garden Depot has a full line of inorganic products to take care of those pesky weeds and insects. Please stop by and allow our knowledgeable staff to assist you and visit with you about Integrated Pest Management.


garden tools

Having the right tool for the job makes gardening and landscaping a whole lot easier. We have a great selection of tools whether the job is big or small.

Madras Garden Depot offers a line of ergonomic tools that eases the strain on hands, wrists and elbows. Stop by and take a look.

Landscaping Rock

The Depot carries several types of crushed rock, barkdust, and other fill material for your garden beds.

You can purchase “to go” or arrange delivery in the local area.

Garden Decor

bird garden ornament

What’s the whimsy of a garden without a gnome or two? Or hanging baskets, charming ornaments, bird feeders. Too much to list – you must stop in!


evergreen wreath

From pumpkins to evergreens to potted Christmas trees, Madras Depot extends the season with fresh, locally produced seasonal decor.