A New Year’s inversion diversion!



We acknowledge that even we are getting a bit weary of the gloom outside. It’s been like this for a week or more, argh…

We welcome you to the world of the temperature inversion…So in light of that, (or really due to the lack of light!) if you would like a “diversion from the inversion” please check out this neat-o coloring book from our seed supplier: [addlink url=”https://www.botanicalinterests.com/img/site_specific/uploads/BI_Coloring_Book_Winter_2016.pdf” text=”Botanical Interests Coloring Book”]

Hope you enjoy the coloring book and if you are thinking of spring and all things seeds, we’ll ┬áhave our seeds ready┬áto purchase in our store at the beginning of March. If there is a particular variety you are looking for we can easily get it for you – just send us your wish list.

Stay warm out there!