Cue sunrise….SPRING is here!


Looking out the east facing window on the first day of spring… at 6:25 am

It’s official, time to get really excited about getting dirt under your fingernails and stretching your lower back, because “they” are beckoning. You know, the cute little pansies and violas beaming their little faces up at you, the thin and wiry little onion starts, the rhubarb plant that looks like dinosaur food. They want you to get going, now! And they’re right because even though your calendar thinks were about 2 weeks off from thinking seriously about gardening, the soil is telling us: ” it’s time, folks!”

If you happen to live near Madras, last Sunday morning at 10 am it was almost 48F° (measured at 4 inches beneath the surface of your garden soil.) lot’s of plants are not just budding, but leafing out.

Could it freeze again in the next 3 weeks? maybe. But remember, the worst is far behind, like  way, way back in mid November 2014. That’s when it reached  -11F°  here at the nursery. We are tossing the last of the poor plants that succumbed, even some very hardy ones, that because they were not in the ground or greenhouse, they had their roots freeze hard, then thaw and then “stew” in overly moist pots & eventually rot out.

But fear not, as Swiss gardening author & photograper Marina Schinz says:  gardening is a exercise in optimism. Sometimes, it is a triumph of hope over experience.  


So there you have it! If you need to have your optimism encouraged, we are offering a super limited supply of ‘Spring Beauty’ tulips in 6″ pots. Normally $7.75, now to all of you who utter the magic password spring optimismyou can have one of them for $4.25!

Time to mention something about our sweet “baby” spring veggies – they are about ready to be released into the world! Tomorrow is the big day” when we move them from the un-heated greenhouse to a table on the E side of our building. Here is a glimpse of them, taken last week:

11079373_857400920993495_6423392260102833263_n 11068241_857400874326833_3566873638048837078_n 10941901_857400954326825_7656648249709200653_nWallaWalla_opt

Veggie start varieties include ‘Baby Romaine’, ‘Spreckles’ and ‘Oak Leaf’ lettuces, ‘Bloomsdale’ & ‘Lavewa’ spinach, ‘Copenhagen Market’ cabbage,  Yellow and Red storage onions, leeks, 3 types of kale, broccoli and broccoli raab and kohlrabi! Priced from $2.50 – $3.25 depending on size of container. These starts were grown organically and we included ‘Cascade Minerals‘ basalt re-mineralizer in the seedling mix, and today, we just gave them their 1st dose of liquid kelp fertilizer!

A shout out for the many Walla Walla onion lovers out there – they should be here this Friday, shipped in from you-know-where 🙂