It’s sowin’ time again!

Pansy ‘Fizzy Lemonberry’

Seed sowing, that is. Spring is not being gentle but rather is pouncing on us this year. Many experienced gardeners think we’re almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule planting-wise, so yes, it’s high time to get your indoor sown seeds growing so you can get a jump on our short high desert growing season!

We have a few ways to get you in the spring gardening mood…

One, we’re offering a free Seed Starting class tomorrow, Sat. March 8th at 11am-12:15pm.
Two, we just received our initial order of seeds from Botanical Interest Seeds ( and we are sold out of a couple of varieties already (yeah, the 63 ‘Buttergold’ se corn is a HIT!) , but, not to worry we can re-order your favorites in short order.
Three, Plants!! Our greenhouse has some lovely cold-hardy spring herbs & flowers that will really lift your spirits; most of the bare root trees are here, and lastly, come check out the ‘Jersey Knight’ asparagus crowns. They are H-U-G-E and will surely get some asparagus on your table next year.

We’ll see you soon down the garden path!

~ Karen & Marilyn

PS: We’ll be participating as vendors in the Trade Show at the ‘Living on a Few Acres’ (LOAFA) event on Sat. March 14th from 8-5 pm at the Deschutes Co. Fairgrounds in Redmond. This event consists of 3 tracks of seminars going all day and it encompasses everything one could encounter on a small farm in Central Oregon, from alpacas, to hay, to wine!  For more info call (541) 548-6088