Online ordering – it’s where it’s at right now!

We have created a link to an order sheet  on Google docs so that everyone with a computer can access it.

Please allow up to 20 seconds for it to load properly, lot’s of traffic out there!

MGD online order sheet

Here is a PDF you can open and print and either call in an order, or drop it off and we’ll fill it for you.

PDF printable order form

So, click on the link above and you will land on a big white Google Drive page that will say “make a copy” in a little blue box, which you should do. When it opens there will be 3 separate tabs (pages). The first page has instructions and also a running total of your order. Go to the tab you want to order from, enter your quantities that you need, and add in any preferences such as color, additional quantities or questions and then “Save” and send it back to us in an email, making sure in the subject line you have added your name, and in the body of the email include your phone number so we can contact you. You can purchase your order on the phone with a credit card and then we can have a time for you to pickup at our outdoor order table in the south end of our parking lot. 

If you have any questions or suggestions about how to use our order sheet, please let us know – it is the first one we have made and hopefully going forward  it will be easier. Thanks for your patience! 

Wind Flower, Pulsatilla vulgaris, always laugh’s at the cold!

Conversely if you’re not the type that’s comfortable ordering on the computer, you can just print out the form and fill it in and drop it (off or mail it in) to us & we’ll call you with a total and a pickup time.

Please know we are happy to do free “door step” delivery i a 10 mile radius for orders of over $50. For orders under that, or further away,  we can discuss the charge depending on what is ordered.

Of course you can still visit our nursery in person, but know we are limiting  shoppers to 3 at a time (+ one buddy), and as the days get nicer (and they will!), there may be some wait times so we possibly will use appointments if there is a need.  Our nursery safety protocols are posted earlier on this page

The perennials we have over-wintered  are looking pretty good – we did lose some though, mainly because they got too dry between watering. For readers of this post, we are offering a 20% off discount to any 1 gallon over-wintered perennial or grasses just mention you read it here!


Are you freaked out that spring planting time is fast approaching?
Get a head start with planning your gardening season. Our locl gardening gurus will exchange info and tips galore.
This is a FREE upcoming event shared via ZOOM and it will take place inside our greenhouse and you can be there by by logging on & interacting via Zoom on Sat. April 4th, 4:30 pm – 5:45 pm
* We have had to adapt our spring gardening presentation several times due to the recent closure of the Jefferson County Library and the current health restrictions. We have had a large community response so we will now be doing an online this ZOOM event. (Sign up for Zoom here to download app for your phone or computer:  )
In the webinar we will discuss and share information about site selection, irrigation, improving soil, seed starting for veggies and ornamental plants, tips on helping fruits and veggies THRIVE in our high desert. Please provide your questions and ideas to share in advance and during the webinar, advance questions will take priority.
In order for us to send out links and a password for you to log-in to the class, we have created a Facebook Event where you can sign up with a free ticket so we can send the information to you via email. If you don’t use Facebook, just send us a email telling us you want to be added in to the event list.
*NOTE: We’ll be offering door prizes, but only for people who sign up.  You can pick up your door prize at our nursery anytime during our regular business hours.

Please do all this before noon on Saturday.

Here is the event link:   Spring Wingding Webinar